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Tobrouk Vf58d – Shield and soldier at rest

Tobrouk Vf58d – Shield and soldier at rest
Tobrouk Vf58d – Shield and soldier at rest – 1/35

The Tobruk acts as an observation point and fortified machine gun nest, and was the most built "bunker" on the coast, from Norway to the Spanish border, but also inland, in defense of strategic points and places, buildings, airfields, etc.

Nowadays, one finds the vestiges of it on the beaches, around the points of support and batteries of artillery, because it was built by thousands of specimens, in France, but also in Norway, in Denmark, in Holland, as well than in Eastern Europe, Poland, on the Siegfried line (Westwall) and in the Mediterranean.

This model includes the Tobruk kit, the soldier and his machine gun fixed on a shield system on a circular rail (Schutzschilder), as well as some accessories (bands and boxes of cartridges, helmet, grenade, box of gas mask).

1/35 scale model, 24 parts. Resin and plaster.

To order this item, for a shipment outside Europe, a minimum order of 60.00 euros (excluding shipping costs) is required.
42,50 euros

Ref : DM102
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