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In this section, we offer the testimonials of sympathy that have been sent to us by some of our customers.

We always reply to the messages personally, and thank all those who have already sent us their comments, it always makes us very happy and motivates us to continue our activity in this way !

Don't hesitate to send us your messages by describing your thoughts on our products : Send us an email !


Hi Cyrille
Package received and the model is absolutely fantastic! Thank you! Can't wait to put it all together!
Kind regards, Matthew K.


Bonjour,je vous remercie,j ai bien reçu le colis.bonne journée et sans doute à une autre fois.tres bonne gamme de produits. Philippe A.


Merci pour votre emballage soigné et la rapidité de l'envoi de la commande . Pascal L .


Salut Le pantherturm est arrivé aujourd'hui. Superbe pièce. Merci. Stefano B


Hi The skulls arrived today thankyou they are great, will buy from you again. David


Merci beaucoup pour l'envoi rapide et très bien emballé de ma commande skulls and bones au 1/35 .
La qualité est époustouflante de réalité . Plus qu'à les peindre ! Merci encore et je compte bien acheter chez vous de nouveau . Pascal L


You are welcome. Here are some pictures of what I have been doing with the model skulls. Carlos F.


Thank you very much!!! I will buy again from you!! you have beautiful products!!! Ilias.


Received, everything in perfect condition. Skulls and bones of very good quality. Thank you Jorge A.


The DM069 are perfect. Thanks a lot. When I finish my conversion I'll send you a pic. Carlos.


bonjour, commande bien arrivée ce jour c'est parfait. merci, cordialement J.A.F.


Hello!! Package arrived today! In record time I must add! Everything is good. No damages! Thank you for a flawless transaction! Susan


Hallo, model arrived yesterday! It’s very very nice! I think I’ll buy something else, next months……. Many thanks and best regards. Fernando M.


hi there, I received your package this morning. It is exactly as I hoped. Many thanks for your help and prompt delivery. Best regards – Peter S.


Hallo, many thanks for everything!!! I’m very interested to other Your models in 1/35: very soon I’ll buy something else!! Have a nice day. Fernando M.


Hello Cyrille, First, can I thank you for an excellent service. My order arrived very fast and the quality of your work is amazing! (…) Many thanks, Martin D.


Hi Items received. Thank you for quick delivery. Excellent product. Kind regards Mark


Thank you very much, the order arrived this morning. Merci Chris


Bonsoir, merci pour votre envoi. La sentinelle allemande est très bien faite. Pourriez-vous me dire, s'il vous plait, quelle couleur vous avez employée pour peindre son manteau? D'avance merci pour la réponse Mr Philippe L.


Hi, I have bought a number of turrets and fortifications from you, they are excellent copies of the originals! I do want to suggest that you start sending notices to Armorama because I think you could do more business this way. I've seen a lot of dioramas where the builders use the imaginary Verlinden bunkers but yours are models of actual bunkers. I say imaginary based upon what the excellent WW2 author, historian, modeler and Missing Links (Lynx) Allied moderator Steven Zaloga has said in the past. (…) I appologize for the length of this email but I think you must have a hobby passion to have your website and business, so I believe that I am writing to a fellow hobbyist! So, enjoy your hobby, thank you for making my hobby all the more enjoyable!! Sincerely, Cliff L.


Goodevening packet arrived very fast thank you very much, Jeroen H.


Bonjour Drakkar et donc Cyrille, Reçu votre colis ce matin, grand petit plaisir au déballage, superbe ensemble !! On se prépare quelques bons moments sur cette base, sans précipitation mais grosse envie !! Merci pour l’objet, A bientôt, Thomas.


Hello, The model arrived yesterday! Really happy with it. I will recommand you! I was wondering if you could give me some pictures of original tobruks with ft17 turrets? Thanks, Marcel G.


Hello Cyrille MARTIN, Got the turm today, looks real good ! Thanks for the excellent service Kind regards Maarten B.


Hello my lord, I received today the package. I am very satisfied, thank you. It is a good quality! I will order more soon! Have a nice Weekend. Hauke J.


That's great news. Thank you for the update. I'm looking forward in doing this subject. Respectfully, Eric


Hello! I really appreciated the quality of the item and thanks very much for the gift! Regards Dino Raoul.


Monsieur, J'ai bien reçu ma commande et vous en remercie. Cordialement, Marc D.


Hi, Thank you for being so fast shipping Cheers Mateusz J.


Bonjour, celui-ci vient d ' arriver, merci beaucoup. Alan S.


Dear Cyrille, Got the order today and like to say “THANK YOU” for the good communication and the extra gift! Best regards from Hamburg, Christian


Just perfect thank you! Christian


Bonjour M. Martin, mon ordre vient d' arriver, merci beaucoup. Alan S.


Martin, Ma commande est arrivée de manière satisfaisante. Je vous remercie de l'attention. Cordialement Claudio D Drago


Cyrille, Just for your information, the tobruk model arrived today. Thanks and happy Christmas Andrea


Hello, I was fortunate enough to receive your 54mm skulls and bones set recently and was very impressed with its quality. Molds and details are very crisp. Excellent quality. (…) Thank you for your time and information, Jason


Dear Madam, dear Sir, Let me first of all say that I'm very impressed by Your historical bunker models, especially because of the correct dimensions and shapes. Within this context I've a question about Your "Panzer I Turret with MG 34". (…) Thank You very much for Your time. Best regards Thomas B.


Excellent kit! Thanks for the fast shipping. Cheers! Marcus O.


Bonjour Cyrille, ma commande est arrivée aujourd'hui à Montréal. Vos produits sont très intéressants. Merci. Jean-Louis


Cyrille, Thank you for your help in me purchasing this product. Best Regards Terry S.


Bonsoir, Colis reçu ce jour. Merci de votre rapidité ! Cordialement. Bruno B.


Hey guys! I've ordered a few sets of skulls and bones from you before and they are fantastic. Thanks Chris S.


Hello, Item received today. Verry nice model. Thank You for the excellent service !!!! Kind regards, Glenn.


Yesterday arrived in the Czech Republic nine models from you ... and I'm totally satisfied with everything, Thank you Miroslav F.


Hi Cyrill, I received the order you sent to me, very, very nice indeed! Thank you very much, what you do makes my hobby much more interesting! Sincerely, Cliff L.


I got my order delivered to Japan from France in a record 5 days! Amazing products too! (NB : Yes this is really a record !!!) Albert M.


Hey, I just made an order, and I want to thank you for your contribution to the hobby of ww2 modeling. I can't tell you how many of your kits I have, I will be able to make my own Atlantic wall soon! Cliff L.


je suis très heureux de pouvoir vous dire merci pour votre service de toutes grande qualité et d une rapidité exemplaire , de plus les pièces de vos kit sont de grande qualité et finition parfaite, ne me reste plus qu a être a la hauteur de votre travail ,je ne manquerai pas de vous faire partager mon expérience , alors que ma piste slot va avoir l usine de votre gamme, bravo a vous. Rene


Bonjour, Commande bien reçue. Merci pour cet emballage soigné et les petites lames de scalpel en bonus. Frédéric


Very insteresting material in your web. Order received with this stuff and something more. Great sales service. Order on thursday night, received Monday in the morning. Very good cast and sculpt. Shop recommended. P.S. Thanks for the blades


Excellent stuff ! Got myself a set a while back. Cheers! Kenneth.


Cyrille, I received my order yesterday and am very pleased! The skulls and bones are great, and the barbed wire is outstanding! I will be making another order. Bob


Dear Cyrille, Thank you very much, Great work on the turrets. Best regards Burak


Hello! Many thanks for your both french turrets! They are great parts ! I take this for new fiktive variants ("Partisanenturm") on Sd.Kfz. 221 and Sd.Kfz. 234 for Wehrmacht '46... Very nice ! Best regards! Thomas K./Berlin


Thank you Cyrille. I look forward to receiving the order. Bob


HI Cyrille, Just a short note to let you know that I have safely received my model skulls and bones order today. They look Awesome! Thank you very much for producing such wonderful accessories for us modelers to enjoy. Looking forward to your next releases. Cheers! Best Regards Always, Kenneth.


Hi Cyrille, I received your products two days ago – everything was fine, thank you ! Viele Grüße / Best regards Thomas


Bonjour, Bien reçu ce matin mon colis, et comme d'habitude je suis ravi par la qualité de vos modèles. Merci pour le cadeau. Bien cordialement. Alain.


Hello ! Received the skulls and bones this morning - this was quick ! The stuff is really really cool, next purchase will get the 75mm version for bigger bones (…) Will also share your page on mine. Cheers and many thanks for the great products ! Alessandro


Package was received. Thank you! Happy holidays. -Gareth


Hello, very fast delivery - excellent quality! Thank you for your work - I recommend you to my friends! Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Christoph H.

hello cyrille, i have got the model of the ringstand - wow what a good quality ! Ralph

Hello Cyrille The items arrived today. They are excellent quality!! I hope to make good use of them! I look forward to purchasing from you again. Regards Paul

Thank you. They did arrive safely and look great! These will be perfect for my next project. I'm sure I will be back soon for some more! :) Cheers! Clay.

Hello Cyrille, I received it last saturday. Very nice items! Erik

Bonjour, Bravo pour votre rapidité de réception de commande et la qualité de vos produits Salutations Alexandre B.

Dear Cyrille The models arrived in excellent condition. The packaging was first class ! Thank you and your friend for providing the painting instructions. look forward to seeing moe from Drakker in the future All the best Thanks Adrian

Bonjour Commande bien reçue hier. Emballage très propre et produit d'excellente qualité. Merci à vous pour le service. Cordialement M. Benoît P.

Hi Drakkar, First, let me tell you that I have several of your items, they are VERY nice and well detailed and I am quite pleased to own such fine work of yours. I also went through your tutorials to look at the fine work, plus saw that you show how to blacken Fruilmodel tracks. Your level of skill in both production of kits and showing how to do things is quite inspiring, thank you! {…} Thank you so much, Cliff L Madison, Mississippi, USA

Bonjour, commande reçue ce matin. conforme et mieux encore que ce que je pouvais esperer, et je vous en remercie. pas de dégats sur l'emplacement Flak. ce sera un plaisir de vous passer d'autres commandes dans le futur. cordialement; Thierry B.

Je suis vraiment impressionné par la qualité de vos produits ! Superbes ! Michel S.

Hello Cyrille, I received the skulls today. Just what I wanted. Thank you, Curtis

Bonjour Le colis est arrivé ce matin, il dépasse toutes mes attentes au niveau de la qualité. Merci Stéphane B.

Bonjour, Je vous remercie de votre réponse rapide,vos réalisations sont superbes et je comprend leur succès. prenez votre temps...le bel ouvrage sait se faire attendre ! cordialement philippe

Thank you, they arrived yesterday and Im very pleased with your excellent work :) Andrew

Good afternoon sir; I bought 3 of your bunker kits at “Musee des Blindes” on Saturday, excellent quality. Could you please check the freight cost for one copy of kit “M 270 Shooting Slit” to Norway. Best regards Reidar B, Norway

Hi Cyrille, the order you sent has arrived and it is wonderful ! Hope to talk to you again ! Cliff L.

Bonjour Un grand merci pour ce modèle. Qualité exceptionnelle et un vrai plaisir à monter et peindre. Je joins quelques photos du résultat. Meilleures salutations. Stéphane B.