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Dismountable STG Turret of the Maginot Line

Dismountable STG Turret of the Maginot Line
Dismountable STG Turret of the Maginot Line – 1/35

The dismountable turrets STG (Section Technique du Génie - Technical Engineering Section) were placed in intervals between the small and large bunkers (Gros Ouvrages) of the Maginot Line, on road crossing or any other strategic point. They were equipped with a Hotchkiss machine gun model 1914 of 8mm.

The version proposed here is the light version, a concrete platform was built at the planned locations, and the turrets were then installed in the vat according to the zone of the military events. Platforms on hold were closed by concrete plates.

The turrets were sometimes already placed in their vat, waiting and guarded, the access corridor closed by the concrete plates. They could be camouflaged by a circular fence covered with foliage.

The theoretical crew consisted of a shooter, a loader and an outfitter who was to remain in the concrete corridor, for lack of space. There would have been more than 600 turrets built, we can still see some today, exposed in some museums of the Maginot Line.

1/35 scale, 37 parts. Resin and plaster.

To order this item, for a shipment outside Europe, a minimum order of 60.00 euros (excluding shipping costs) is required.
39,50 euros

Ref : DM081
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