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Captain William Kidd, Pirate

Captain William Kidd, Pirate
Captain William Kidd, Pirate

Initially honest merchant and corsair against the French filibustering, the English William Kidd becomes itself a pirate as a result of tensions between different potentates.
Following various acts of piracy in the Caribbean and off the coast of Madagascar, he was taken prisoner in the Americas, where he is great owner, and will be hanged after trial, May 23, 1701.
William Kidd is one of the pirates whose legends are the more numerous, including those of its hidden treasures, perhaps near the Connecticut river or Clarke Island in Massachusetts, on Gardiner Island or in India, which make still talking.
It appears alongside Long John Silver in the novel The Treasure Island of Robert Louis Stevenson and has inspired many other authors.

Sculpture : Alain Butaeye.

1/9 scale resin bust, 2 parts (base not included).

29,50 euros

Ref : DM058
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