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Pantherturm Turret

Pantherturm Turret
Pantherturm Turret – 1/35

In the fortification programm of the various lines of defense, the Germans settle throughout the War World II, many tank turrets on Bunker or Tobruk (R-35, FT-17, Pz38 (t), Pz I and II ...).

Then appear Panther turrets and his 7.5cm KwK 42 L / 70 gun in 1943 to counter the adverse firepower, always more powerful.

If the different Panther turrets (Ausf. D, A and G) have been used, a model specifically designed for the fortification was developed. The main modifications are a substitution of the cupola by a profiled hatch, the thickness of the turret top plate increased to 65mm, and mounting a grenade launcher / smoke (Nahverteidigungswaffe).

This turret is mounted on various facilities such as the Bunker Regelbau 687 (Betonsockel, Kleinstunterstand für Pantherturm), steel caissons (Stahlunterstand) and even wood armatures or crates (Holzunterstand).

These defense positions will be installed in Italy on the Gothic Line (Rimini, Piedimonte, Futa Pass, Aquino), also we found them on the WestWall (Siegfried Line), in railway stations in the south of France (Bayonne (3), Oloron Sainte-Marie-de-Carol Latou and Le Boulou on the "Südwall") and on the eastern front.

Actually, one of these turrets is exposed at the WestWall Museum of Pirmasens in Germany.

1/35 scale resin kit in 15 parts.
28,00 euros

Ref : DM056
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