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Drakkar Models

« Green Stuff » DURO – 6’’ strip

« Green Stuff » DURO – 6’’ strip
« Green Stuff » DURO – 6’’ strip

The real « Green Stuff » ! Kneadatite® Duro, The Original Formulation GREEN Putty by Sylmasta.

For the creation of details, objects, conversions or for the sculpture of complete figures. For detail modelling – use it as a permanent filler where slight movement is required.

This ‘Yellow and Blue’ putty strip will mix (50/50) to a green modelling putty which has unique properties that are great for adding fine details. The duro glue more than the other putty, allowing to add easily small details on your model. It will also make it possible to hold the polymer putties on the frames.

It is malleable when set and can be bent without breaking. It is ideal for carving giving a very smooth soft cut. DURO Green Stuff can be mixed with Milliput to make a slightly stiffer, harder putty.

Magic Sculp will cure at room temperature.

By the manufacturer of the “Magic Sculpt ».

15cm length.
4,90 euros

Ref : DMT042
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