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Drakkar Models

Drakkar Models

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The Drakkar-Models Company offers a diverse range of miniatures, from historical (blockhaus, figures, accessories ...) to fantastic theme (figures, busts, wargame's accessories ...).

The artistic line of conduct could be summed in 3 words: originality, accuracy and quality.

We try to stray from the beaten track, to deliver real news.

The accuracy of the models is as far as historical, technical. For example, the range of Atlantikwall bunkers we propose is based on the original plans (Regelbau), archival and present photos, and measurements in the field.

These ones are the Bunker models the most faithfully reproduced of the market.

The models are then reproduced in every details, with the most fine accuracy.

The used materials are varied, the majority of parts are molded in resin (model parts and miniature), natural or synthetic plaster (perfect for diorama parts, bunkers ...), brass ...

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Dismountable STG Turret of the Maginot Line
Dismountable STG Turret
1/35 scale resin kit
of the Maginot Line.
Pr. Ferdinand Porsche
Pr. Ferdinand Porsche
Resin figure
at 1/35 scale.
Adéléa, Female Faun
75mm scale
resin figure.
Skulls and Bones 75mm scale
Skulls and Bones 75mm scale
in resin
at 75mm scale
Pantherturm turret
1/35 scale metal and resin
Pantherturm turret.
Pilz – Machine Gun Stand
Pilz - Mg Stand
Atlantikwall machine gun
position at 1/35 scale.
Desolation Bases
Resin bust
at 1/10 scale.
Skulls Bases
Skulls Bases
5 bases,
25 mm diameter.
Drakkar Models